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Life Solution’s has completed several large-scale filtration projects in the hospitality industry; notably for MGM and Wynn hotels in Macau. No project is too big, as we have the in-house capabilities and experience to carry out work of any size. Our engineers will take care of all consultation and product sourcing to ensure that the solution we propose meets every requirement. Subsequently, all installation, testing, servicing and maintenance will be competently handled by our technicians.

Top Features of Life Solutions Water Dispensers & Filters for Hotels & Catering Businesses:

Firewall® Patent UVC Technology

Wipes out impurities in water and eliminates 99.99% germs and 99.9999% bacteria at the point of distribution all the way to the nozzle. Stay disease-free with this extra layer of protection that is proven to be 99.99% effective against COVID-19 variants. Features in Waterlogic Slim Tap.

BioCote® Antimicrobial Protection

Delivers highly effective protection against microbes such as bacteria and mould.

Ice Bank

Embodies instant water chilling technology, perfect for beverages and cooking.

Portion Control Function

Helps set desired dispense volume in advance for accurate measurement in meal and drink prep.

Adjustable Drip Tray

Fits bottles and kitchen tools in varied sizes.

Hands-Free Pedal Upgrade Option

An intuitive setup allows users to have touchless contact with the water dispenser, and it is available at an additional charge.

Hospitality Water Solutions – Water Filters, Machines and Dispensers for Hotels & Restaurants

Suitable for kitchens, bars and hotels, browse our collection of water machines and filters– a perfect helping hand for your business that comes in different sizes and styles.

Life Solutions is your trusted partner when it comes to water filters and dispensers for the hospitality industry. We are experienced in completing several large-scale, commercial water filtration projects for some notable players in the hospitality industry, including:
– Island Shangri-la Hong Kong
– MGM Cotai, Macau
– Wynn hotels in Macau
– Yung Kee Restaurant Group


and many more. No project is too big for our in-house team, which has the expertise and skill sets to carry out work projects of any size.

From initial consultation and product sourcing to quality checking, our technicians are ready to take care of all the processes needed to ensure that the water solution we provide suits your business needs and preferences. Subsequently, you do not have to worry about the installation, testing, servicing and future maintenance of our products – our technicians are committed to always supporting these matters.

Billi Hospitality Collection

Explore water dispensers from our Billi Hospitality Collection, curated for the hotel and catering industry, with 5 microns, NSF-certified filters. Designed for water filtration for commercial purposes, the instant boiling and chilled water units all come with a hot water safety lock with our unique splash-free technology to protect staff members and your guests from the danger of working with boiling water. This safety measure is also featured in our ACUO Tap collection. The built-in leakage detection system in the water machine will automatically shut off the water inlet once leakage occurs in your restaurant, a guardian of your valuables, even if you are not around. Opt for the Billi Sparkling Hospitality model with filters installed inside if you hope to have hot, chilled and sparkling water for different catering purposes.

Waterlogic Slim Tap

With health being the city’s priority, our Waterlogic Slim Tap removes bacteria and viruses from the water sources in restaurants and hotels using the Firewall® technology – featuring a process of UV antimicrobial purification at the point of dispense to match your restaurant’s hygiene standards. Waterlogic Slim Tap water dispensers, like the rest of our products, are certified and meet multiple international water quality standards and energy efficiency standards and comply with green building certification systems such as the WELL™ Building Standard. These certifications serve as a testament to our commitment to encouraging the use of drinking water dispensers across various sectors and the hospitality industry to minimise environmental impact. Providing high-quality, filtered water through the Waterlogic Slim Tap underscores a commitment to sustainability, enhancing the overall guest experience and satisfaction.

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