Water Filter Machine & Dispenser for Schools

Water Dispenser, Filters & Machine for Campus in Hong Kong: Unrivalled Purity and Hygiene

Life Solutions’ floor-standing Waterlogic WL3 and Slim Tap water dispensers offer unparalleled purity and hygiene in drinking water for school students and staff, with options for room temperature and cold water.

Top Feature of Life Solutions School Water Machines:

Firewall® Patent UVC technology

Eliminates 99.9999% of bacteria and viruses in drinking water with advanced UVC technology, including COVID-19 viruses at the point of dispense. Features in Waterlogic WL7, Waterlogic WL3 and Slim Tap


BioCote® Antimicrobial Technology

Offers lasting and effective protection against microbes such as bacteria, mould, fungi and viruses; improves hygienic building environments. Features in Waterlogic WL7, Waterlogic WL3 and Slim Tap

Touchless Dispensing

Get top-quality water with contactless water machine H2O Fresh, Cosmetal Touchless Pro water dispenser. Touch button panels are also available.

Why Choose Our School Water Machines, Filters and Dispensers?

Sanitation and hygiene in schools have become a top priority in our society, especially during these difficult times of the pandemic in Hong Kong. Children and young adults should have easy access to clean water sources with minimal exposure to the risk of infecting waterborne diseases. Water supply on campus should, therefore, be handled by professionals and professionals only to make sure it is safe for consumption. When it comes to protecting the younger generation’s health, water dispensers and machines with filters for school guarantee peace of mind as an alternative to bottled water while still being kind to nature – a better option for the environment.

Life Solutions provides a wide array of top-quality water machines, dispensers, sterilisers and filters for schools. With the largest technical team in Hong Kong, we are committed to supporting our clients 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, around the clock and even during the holidays. All of our technicians are employed and well-trained in-house without any subcontracts or outsourcing work, ensuring immediate assistance with expert industry knowledge for your school to count on.

The key to clean and healthy water for school is a well-maintained water filter machine! Choose from water dispensers of different sizes and designs to fit your school’s design. For instance, Waterlogic Slim Tap is one of the models that is designed to be located under the sink to create a clean and tidy set-up while saving space. This type of model comes with hot and cold water options along with various water tank capacities, suitable for campuses of various sizes and numbers of students. For some other models, such as LANA, all water, including warm and cold, would be heated to at least 90 degrees before being filtered or dispensed as a sanitising measure.

Maintenance is key when it comes to water filters and machines. An unclean filter could fail to remove harmful substances and impurities in water including bacteria and heavy metals that could possibly contaminate water sources. We take pride in our 5-star maintenance service for campus water dispensers in Hong Kong to ensure your filtration system remains in top condition.

Additionally, Life Solutions helps save your time from the administrative hassle associated with ordering bottled water or filter replacements with our one-stop services. That way, your organisation can focus on the important mission: educating the next generation.

With Life Solutions’ school water machines, you can be assured that your children and staff will have constant access to clean and healthy water to stay refreshed, hydrated and focused!

Frequently Asked Questions

What filtration technology is used in Life Solutions’ products?

We primarily use activated carbon filters, reverse osmosis purification and UV light for sterilisation. If customers require other filtration technologies, we can custom-design a suitable system for them.

What should be done if there’s an issue with the school’s hot and cold water dispenser?

Life Solutions has a technical team available 24/7 to provide professional one-stop service, ensuring a swift response to any technical issues, and maintaining the safety of the school water machines and their water quality. There’s no need for you to handle the inconvenient tasks of filter ordering and replacement. Proper upkeep is essential for the filtration system to function at its best; our top-notch maintenance service offers you peace of mind in this regard, allowing you to enjoy safe and reliable clean water without worry.

How long does it take to recoup the investment after purchasing a Life Solutions system?

The payback period depends on the type of system and other factors. Compared to bottled water, all Life Solutions systems, on average, can recoup the investment in a maximum of 18 months. Customers can contact us at enquiry@lifesolutions.com.hk for more details.

Where are Life Solutions’ services available?

Our services cover all areas of Hong Kong and extend to Macau and other cities in China.