Commercial Solutions: Office Water Dispenser HK | Filtered Water Tap

Commercial: Unrivalled Purity and Hygiene of Hot and Cold Water Dispensers

Top Features of Commercial Water Dispensers:

  • Firewall® Patent UVC technology

Purifies each drop of water by killing 99.99% germs and 99.9999% bacteria at the point of dispense; 99.999% effective in eliminating COVID-19 from drinking water. Features in Waterlogic WL7, WL3, and Slim Tap.

  • BioCote® Antimicrobial technology

Shields surfaces from bacteria, mould, and fungi; protects surface units against microbes’ infection, degradation, and staining to prevent any growth of microorganisms in everyday water. Features in Waterlogic WL7, WL3, and Slim Tap.

  • Touchless Water Machine

H2O Fresh, Cosmetal Touchless Pro water dispenser with touch button panel available

Commercial water dispenser and water cooler solutions

Serving over 2000 corporate clients, Life Solutions is Hong Kong’s leading filtered water dispenser and cooler service provider. We take pride in offering the best selection of water machines available with our 5-star customer support and maintenance services, ensuring our clients continue to receive clean, top-quality hot and cold water from our large selection of office water dispensers and machines. Contact us to see how we can provide your business with an economical and eco-friendly alternative to bottled water.

Our water machines, your choice

Want water at a specific temperature? Life Solution has an all-in-one technology that provides boiling, chilled, and ambient water with filtered water taps and water dispensers. Our Waterlogic WL7 (Floor Standing) water dispenser takes a step further by offering sparkling water as an option.

Our Certified State-Of-The-Art Hot and Cold Water Dispenser Technology

Dedicated to providing water machines with market-leading quality, Life Solutions makes sure all of our hot and cold water dispensers are equipped with innovative technology to serve all of our client’s preferences. One of the most prominent examples is the in-built energy-saving technology in our Billi Commercial instant boiling and chilled water unit, with a water tap that has been recognised with a GOLD Global Greentag Certification.

Antimicrobial Protection

Having antimicrobial protection in these unprecedented times is of vital importance. Our office water dispensers come with top-of-the-line technology to remove bacteria that could be lurking in your water glass. For example, our Firewall® technology features a UV light that performs an antimicrobial purification process to ensure every single drop of water from our dispenser is clean, pure and safe for consumption.

Our BioCote® protection will also combat microbial growth and protects anyone using our wide range of office water dispensers.

Stopping Plastic Bottle Use

Founded with a mission to stop the excessive use of single-use plastic bottles, Life Solutions has launched the Waterlogic WL7 (Floor Standing) and Waterlogic WL7 (Countertop) which feature a bottle saver counter. This effectively shows the number of plastic bottles being saved using Life Solution’s water machines and office water dispensers.

Leakage Detection

Along with all the sophisticated technology, our water machines also have an in-built leakage detection system for added convenience. Should there be a leak, it will shut off the water inlet and prevent any further leakage from occurring.

Our Services

We offer one-stop services when it comes to water machines. From product consultations, water dispensers, and filtered water taps installations to regular maintenance – we got it all covered for you.

Get in Touch

If you plan to purchase one of our office water dispensers or have any questions about our products or technology, don’t hesitate to contact our Hong Kong or Shanghai office.