Domestic Solutions: Water Filtration & Purification System HK

Domestic: Hong Kong All-in-one Water Purifier with Sleek Design

Billi Domestic

Model: Quadra Compact

Top Features of Domestic Water Machines:

  • Water-cooling Technology

Billi has the lowest power consumption but the highest productivity despite the smallest unit size.

  • Small yet Impeccably Formed

The all-in-one, under-bench unit allows optimal use of space while offering the largest capacity.

  • Safety First

It comes with a hot water safety lock and Splash Free technology.

Domestic water filters and water purifiers

Life Solutions offers a broad range of water filtration and purifiers systems to suit any home and can be tailored to cater to specific needs and requirements. We take pride in offering the best selection of water filters and purification systems available with our 5-star servicing and maintenance, ensuring our clients continue to receive the very highest quality of water at home.

Hot, Cold and even Sparkling Water

Life Solutions is ushering in a new era of class and convenience with our water filtration and purification systems. For example, our Billi Sparkling Domestic unit offers an enticing incentive as, along with providing hot and cold water, it can also dispense sparkling water.

Bacteria Prevention

A person’s home is their safe haven, so bacteria protection is essential. Our water filters in Hong Kong feature antimicrobial technology that eliminates the threats posed by bacteria. The Waterlogic Slim Tap comes with our patent Firewall® technology, which conducts antimicrobial purification through UV light.

Also, it features Bio-Cote® protection to help ward off microbial growth and the spread of bacteria.

Hot Water Protection

The dispense of hot water exposes users to possible dangers. There are many dangers when hot water is dispensed. You can burn your hand, or it can splash and risk hurting others around you. Life Solutions has two different technologies installed in our water purifiers to ensure this doesn’t happen. Our Billi Domestic and Billi Sparkling Domestic models feature splash free technology to eradicate risks associated with hot water delivery. 

In our Omi unit, it comes with an in-built hot water safety lock. Users will have to press an unlock button before hot water is dispensed in order to make sure they are paying attention and aren’t at risk of getting burned.

Shower Filter

At Life Solutions, we offer more than just water purification systems but also have a top-of-the-range shower filter. It uses KDF technology to remove chlorine, heavy metals and bacteria from the water. Our shower filter has NSF approval, meaning it meets the strict standards for public health protection.

The Services We Offer

To cater to the needs of our customers, we have a range of services on offer, including consultations, installations and maintenance.

Contact Us

Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have about our state-of-the-art water filters and purifiers for your home. Give us a call, send an email, or visit our Hong Kong or China store today.