Model: Billi

Water-cooling technology
Thanks to the water-cooling technology, Billi achieves the lowest power consumption yet the highest productivity in the smallest unit size. Quadra water-cooled units do not require cupboard ventilation, allowing you to make the best use of space.

Lowest Energy Consumption.
Supported by the thermodynamic heat-exchange technology and inbuilt energy-saving mode, Billi achieves GOLD Global Greentag Certification with the Australia’s lowest carbon footprint.

Small, but perfectly formed
The all-in-one under-bench unit allows optimal use of space while offering the largest capacity.

Safety first
Hot water safety lock and the Splash Free technology secure safe boiling water delivery. The inbuilt leakage detection system will automatically shut off the water inlet once leakage occurs.

Fully programmable settings
Simply use the display and control panel to easily access to multiple functions on the under-bench unit, including system status checking, water temperature adjustment and Standby mode activation.

Australian designed and manufactured.


Model: Quadra Compact

(D)365x(W)315x(H)340 mm

Max. Boiling water delivery cups per hour:
100 cups*(170ml/cup)

Max.Chilled water cups delivery per hour:
150 cups(170ml/cup)

Initial cup delivery and suggested no. of persons:
Up to 20

Cooling Technology
Water-cooled(No ventilation space required)

NSF/ANSI 42 & 53 certified 2-stage filtration

Voltage / Frequency:
AC 220/240V


Total current draw amps

(Cold) 5°C – 10°C
(Hot) 80°C – 99°C

*Based on the initial number of cups of boiling water immediately available, drawn one cup every 10 seconds. For all underbench filtered water systems, consideration may be needed for usage patterns and draw-off methods.

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