Model: Waterlogic Slim Tap


FirewallTM technology
Highly effective Ultra Violet antimicrobial purification at the point of dispense.

Bio-Cote® protection
A silver ion additive on dispenser surface that inhibit microbial growth which protects users from bacteria spread by direct contact.

Under-The-Sink (UTS) System
System located under the sink to create a clean and tidy set up.

Ambient or Ambient & Chilled options available

UTS Controller
(D) 105 x (W) 330 x (H) 190 mm – Ambient
(D) 365 x (W) 300 x (H) 470 mm – Ambient & Chilled

(D) 130 x (W) 105 x (H) 380 mm

Slim Tap
(D) 180 x (W) 80 x (H) 335 mm

Max. ambient water delivery:
1.5 L/min

0.5 micron (NSF/ANSI 42 & 53 certified)

Ultra Violet Light:
NSF 55 Class A and NSF P231 certified

Voltage / Frequency:
AC 220/240V @ 50Hz


Total current draw amps:
0.5 AMP