The Waterlogic Slim Tap undersink commercial water dispenser allows you to enjoy pure and reliable drinking water in the office while also being eco-friendly and cost-saving. Like all of the products offered by Life Solutions, Waterlogic Slim Tap undersink commercial water dispensers are certified and meet multiple international water quality standards and energy efficiency standards and comply with green building certification systems such as the WELL™ Building Standard. These certifications demonstrate our continuous commitment to promoting the use of drinking water dispensers among various industries, aiming to reduce both carbon footprint and plastic waste resulting from the production of water bottles. Waterlogic Slim Tap undersink commercial water dispensers are an excellent choice for maintaining environmental sustainability. It is particularly suitable for hotels and guesthouses looking to comply with Hong Kong’s ban on single-use plastics and provide environmentally friendly drinking water solutions.

Model: Waterlogic Slim Tap

Features of Undersink Water Dispenser:

Firewall® Technology

The highly effective Ultra Violet light can perform an antimicrobial purification at the point of dispense that safely purifies every drop of water by eliminating 99.99% virus and 99.9999% bacteria at the point of dispense. Firewall® is tested and scientifically proven to be 99.999% effective in eliminating COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) from drinking water.

BioCote® Protection

BioCote® is a silver ion additive on the dispenser surface that inhibits microbial growth, protecting users from bacteria spread by direct contact.

Under-The-Sink (UTS) System

The system is located under the sink to create a clean and tidy setup.

Ambient or Ambient & Chilled options available

Waterlogic Slim Tap – Undersink Water Dispenser Dimensions:

UTS Controller
(D) 105 x (W) 330 x (H) 190 mm – Ambient
(D) 365 x (W) 300 x (H) 470 mm – Ambient & Chilled


(D) 130 x (W) 105 x (H) 380 mm

Slim Tap

(D) 180 x (W) 80 x (H) 335 mm

Max. Ambient Water Delivery:

1.5 L/min


0.5 micron (NSF/ANSI 42 & 53 certified)

Ultra Violet Light:

NSF 55 Class A and NSF P231 certified

Voltage /Frequency:

AC 220/240V @ 50Hz



Total current draw amps:

0.5 AMP

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