• XL Levered
  • Chrome
  • Matte white
  • Brushed
  • Matte black
  • Rose gold

Model: Billi Sparkling

Instantly at your fingertips
Boiling, Chilled & Sparkling water all dispense from the same tap

Safety first
Hot water safety lock and the Splash Free technology secure safe boiling water delivery. The inbuilt leakage detection system will automatically shut off the water inlet once leakage occurs.

Ice Bank cooling technology
Providing high capacity of chilled and sparkling water

Model: Quadra Sparkling 4100 XL Font

-Safety lock on hot water
-Built-in leakage detection system
-Unique Splash Free

(D)410x(W)255x(H)420 mm – Chilled & Sparkling unit
(D)340x(W)180x(H)465 mm – Boiling unit

Max.Boiling water delivery cups per hour:
250 cups(170ml/cup)

Max.Chilled & Sparkling water cups delivery per hour:
200 cups(170ml/cup)

Initial cup delivery and suggested no. of persons:
Up to 100

Cooling Technology
Air-cooled(Ventilation space required)

5 micron NSF certified filters

Voltage / Frequency:
AC 220/240V

3300W – Boiling unit
400W – Chilled & Sparkling unit

Total current draw amps

(Cold) 5°C – 10°C
(Hot) 80°C – 99°C

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