Why Life Solutions for your School?

Hygiene in schools is a top-priority concern in our society especially since COVID-19.
Water supply should therefore be handled by professionals and professionals only.

Life Solutions has the largest technical team in Hong Kong. We operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and intervene even during the holidays. We employ our own team of technicians and do not subcontract any work. Therefore, we can guarantee well-trained technicians who ensure the highest level of service, consistency and a quick response that your school can count on.

The key to Clean and Healthy Water is a well-maintained filter!

Maintenance is key. A dirty filter may end up providing you with worse quality water then having no filtration system at all! We take pride in our 5-star maintenance service that ensures your filtration system remains in top condition.

Plus, Life Solutions eliminates the administrative hassle associated with bottled water and ordering filter replacements, so your organization can focus solely on its purpose; educate the next generation.

With Life Solutions, you can be assured that your children and staff will have constant access to clean and healthy water!

You Can Safely Relay on Our Team of Technicians!

We aim to provide all our clients with Grade-A service in terms of consultation on products, competitive pricing, installation and, most importantly, maintenance. It is imperative that when using any filtration system, it is maintained properly by experienced technicians.

Life Solutions operates throughout Hong Kong, Macau and China and serve the corporate, domestic and hospitality sectors. Our 17 years in the industry provides us with unique experience and a strong track record. Our in-house technicians are able to tailor our services for each specific client. We continuously source the newest filtration technologies globally to ensure that we sustain the highest quality.



We therefore regularly update the range of systems we offer and only supply those that pass our own rigorous testing standards. Our in-house engineers can be consulted to ensure that each client is given the best solution for their specific requirements. Plus, we provide a FREE water test!


Once you have decided the best solution for you, Life Solutions’ skilled technicians will take care of the whole installation process.

Our professional staff will take care of all the technicalities involving site inspection, testing and coordinating installation.

Our client projects range from installing whole-building filtration solutions to under-sink domestic water filtration units, each receiving the same careful attention. Whether for a hotel, office, airport or home, our technical service team will test all systems in our workshop to ensure your water filtration solutions are meeting the highest standards before installation.
A trial run will be conducted after the installation to guarantee a properly operating system provides you with clean and healthy water.


The key to an effective filtration system is ensuring that it is effectively maintained.
Without it, filtration system may end up providing you with worse quality water than before. We take pride in our 5-star maintenance service that ensures your filtration system remains in top condition, and takes away the administrative hassle associated with bottled water and ordering filter replacements.

What distinguishes our Life Solutions services from other water filtration companies is that all of our technicians are trained in-house by our own experienced managers.

This takes away the headache of dealing with companies who outsource their technicians to 3rd parties and who may not have the same level of quality and accountability that we have. We also guarantee that all system repairs within Hong Kong will be fixed within 24 hours.

Our technicians are on call at all hours to ensure your peace of mind. Repair works are included under warranty and will be carried out within 24 hours of receiving the work order. We are also servicing on holidays.

Simply call or email us and one of our agent will connect with you right away!
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Get Clean and Healthy Water for your School with Life Solutions!