• Free water test in your home or office
  • Free seminars on Reverse Osmosis and other water filtration techniques
  • Site appraisal
  • Comprehensive selection of the latest high quality water filtration systems
  • Product sourcing for specific requirements
  • Customized solutions proposals

At Life Solutions we value long term relationships with our customers and therefore it is important to keep them informed at all stages of the process. We conduct free water testing and site evaluations to demonstrate what Life Solutions could do for you.

We believe in providing the best products and services to all our clients. We therefore continually update the range of systems we offer and only supply those that pass our own rigorous testing. Our in-house engineers can be consulted to ensure that each client is given the best solution for their specific requirements.


Engineering Services

  • Site evaluation and feasibility testing
  • Installation coordination
  • System testing in workshop

Life Solutions engineers will take care of all the technicalities involved with site inspection and installation co-ordination. These projects range from under-sink domestic units to whole-building filtration solutions, with each receiving the same careful attention. They will also tests all systems in our workshop to ensure they are in working order before being shipped out for installation.


Installation Services

  • Full installation service at client convenience
  • Comprehensive system testing post-installation

Once you have decided the best solution for you, Life Solutions’ trained technicians will take care of the whole installation process.


Maintenance Services

  • Full warranty on all parts
  • 3 Regular maintenance visits per year (under standard contract)
  • Over 10 in-house technicians to guarantee 5-star service level
  • Water Quality Check with TDS meter for every maintenance visit with complementary regular services including cleaning
  • Staff discount on home use models
  • Use of NSF certified USA filters and European joints & fittings

The key to an effective filtration system is ensuring that it is efficiently maintained. Without this, filtration systems can end up providing you with worse water than before. We therefore take pride in our 5-star maintenance service that ensures your filtration system remains in top condition, and takes away the administrative hassle associated with bottled water and other filtered water systems.

24-hr hotline

24/hour Customer Service and Repairs Hotline

  • 24-Hour customer service hotline
  • Guaranteed same day call-out to fix problems
  • Experienced team provides technical support for any queries

Our technicians are on call at all hours to ensure your peace of mind. Repair works are included under warranty and will be carried out within 24 hours of receiving the work order.