Model: Lana


  • User-friendly LED Digital temperature control
  • Energy saving mode (up to 60% less usage)
  • Built-in leakage detection system
  • Connectable to other devices (e.g. coffee machine, ice machine)
  • Separate hot, warm, cold faucets for practical use
  • Digital TDM reader

(D) 460 x (W) 335 x (H) 1325 mm

Water Tank Capacity:
(Cold) 3.3 Litre
(Hot) 10 Litre
(Warm) 5 Litre

(Cold) 4℃ – 12℃
(Hot) 85℃ – 100℃

4 Stage filters process:
1. Pre-Filters – Polypropylene Filter
2. Activated Carbon Filter
3. “Reverse Osmosis” – TFC Membrane (FILMTEC: TW 30-1812-100 x 1)
4. Post Filter – Activated Carbon Filter

Production Capacity:
100 gallon per day (378 Litre per day)

Download more info:

With a modern design and several technological features, the Lana is the best system around for offices of up to 50 people. Its popularity stems from its compact design and capabilities such as digital temperature control, in-built TDS reader and leakage detection system. Its highly efficient heating system as well as its clever automatic on/off switch allows it to save up to 60% of power. It is available in a choice of white and black finishes.

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