About Us

Life Solutions specialises in the filtration and purification of water. Set up to supply, install and maintain filtration systems, Life Solutions provides systems for both potable water as well as systems for washing water.

Based in Hong Kong & Shanghai, Life Solutions operates throughout Hong Kong, Macau, parts of Southern China, and in Shanghai. We cater to the corporate, domestic and hospitality industries. Our 10 years in the industry provides us with unique experience and a strong track record. Catering to the domestic, corporate and hospitality industries; we currently service over 1200 leading corporate clients and have also recently completed large-scale hospitality projects for MGM and Wynn in Macau.

Our aim is to provide all our clients with a Grade-A service in terms of consultation on products, competitive pricing, installation and, most importantly, maintenance. It is imperative that when using any filtration system, it is maintained properly by experienced technicians. Life Solutions employs its own team of technicians and does not subcontract any work. Therefore we can guarantee a high level of service that our clients can rely on. All our water filtration systems have been thoroughly tested to ensure the highest quality. Our drinking water systems employ both Reverse Osmosis and Microfiltration in conjunction with each other, to attain a very clean, healthy drinking water source.

Our in-house engineers are able to tailor our services for each specific client need and ensure that every detail is attended to. We continue to test and research all new filtration technologies to ensure that we sustain the highest quality.