Life Solutions offers every kind of water filtration technique. However, our preferred method is Reverse Osmosis (RO), guaranteeing the cleanest and healthiest drinking water straight to your home or office.

So… What is Reverse Osmosis?

Sometimes known as “ultra filtration” in the industry, RO is the top of the line in water filtration and treatment technology. It has become the most comprehensive and thorough system for filtering water for purified drinking water and commercial or industrial water filtration applications. It’s even used by most beverage plants to produce bottled water.Today, this advanced technology is available for ‘point of delivery’ water filter use ( i.e. home and office) for the purpose of drinking, mixing beverages, ice making and cooking.

Benefits of Using Reverse Osmosis:

1 – Healthy Option

  • Removes 99% of contaminants (including heavy metals, viruses and bacteria) to leave clean and healthy water.
  • No more unpalatable chlorine, meaning water tastes fresh and pure.
  • RO membranes allow some good minerals to remain in water, ensuring your body receives beneficial nutrients.
  • Avoids contaminants such as Bisphenol A found in plastic water bottles.

2 – Environmental Benefits

  • Replaces need for environmentally unsustainable water bottles.
  • Efficient RO technology reduces water waste.
  • Reduce glass and plastic waste.

3 – Space Saving

  • Eliminate storage requirement of bottled water.

4 – Administration Saving

  • Eliminate need to order/buy bottled water and/or boil water for drinking or cooking.
  • No need to coordinate water delivery.

How Does It Work?

Essentially, it is a process whereby the water molecules are forced through a sub-micron-level, semi-permeable membrane through water pressure. These membranes are layered and wrapped around a central water tube in a spiral wound membrane module.Under pressure, water is forced through the membrane separating the water molecules from the unwanted contaminants. This membrane is only 0.1nm, 50 times smaller than even the finest heavy metals and viruses, and around 5000 times smaller than bacteria:

These unwanted substances are automatically sent down the drain as waste water and therefore don’t build up in the system as with most other filtering methods.

The modules made for home RO water are relatively small and taken together with the other supplementary filters and the storage tank, are still able to fit under the typical kitchen sink.

What is reverse osmosis?

Filtration Process – click to enlarge

Particle Filtration Chart

Particle Filtration Chart – click to enlarge

How effective is it?

As with all filtration methods, RO’s effectiveness is solely dependent on how the system is maintained. What distinguishes Life Solution’s systems is that they come with full servicing and maintenance, undertaken by trained in-house technicians. With our systems guaranteed for life, you can have peace of mind that your filtration unit will continue to function at peak performance.