Model: ULA

(D) 430 x (W) 260 x (H) 440 mm

16kg (when empty)

Water Capacity:
Storage 8.3 Litre

Built-in Filter:
Pre-Filter – Polypropylene Filter
Activated Carbon Filter
R.O. – TFC Membrane (FILMTEC: TW-30-1812-75)
Post Filter – Activated Carbon Filter

Production Capacity:
75 gallon per day (284 Litre per day)

Operating Pressure:
50 pound force per square inch (psi)

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The ULA is a highly popular compact under-sink unit that provides Reverse Osmosis water filtration in a very space efficient manner. With the filtration unit and the 8 litre tank both encased within the small unit, the ULA will fit into almost any kitchen. This can then be attached to a faucet of your choosing, giving you a complete potable water solution directly within your home.