Model: Kia (RO-528)

(D) 400 x (W) 330 x (H) 480 mm

Voltage / Frequency:
AC 220V, 50/60HZ

15 Kg (when empty)

Water Tank Capacity:
(Cold) 2.75 Litre
(Hot) 1.75 Litre

Power Consumption:
Cold Water 100W
Hot Water 350W

(Cold) 5℃
(Hot) 85℃ – 92℃

External R.O. System With Filters:
Pre-Filters – Polypropylene Filter
Activated Carbon Filter
R.O. – TFC Membrane (FILMTEC: TW 30-1812-75)
Post Filter – Activated Carbon Filter

Production Capacity:
75 gallon per day (284 Litre per day)

Operating Pressure:
50 pound force per square inch (psi)

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The Kia is a simpler counter-top unit that offers clients a cost-effective option in a smaller office.
Providing hot (92°C) and cold water, it is a practical solution for delivering drinking water to a home kitchen or office pantry.