Model: H₂O (UW-998)


  • User friendly Digital temperature control
  • Energy saving mode (up to 60% less usage)
  • Safety lock on hot water
  • Connectable to other appliances (e.g. coffee machine, ice machine)
  • Auto sterilization
  • Built-in leakage detection system
  • Continuous flow
  • Slick, single / triple faucet(s) design

(D) 460 x (W) 435 x (H) 1325 mm

Water Tank Capacity:
(Cold) 5 Litre
(Hot) 21 Litre
(Warm) 7 Litre

(Cold) 4°C – 12°C
(Hot) 85°C – 100°C

5-Stage filter process:

  1. Pre-Filters – Polypropylene Filter – 5 Micron
  2. Activated Carbon Filter
  3. Pre Filter – 1 Micron
  4. “Reverse Osmosis” – TFC Membrane (FILMTEC: TW 30-1812-100 x 2)
  5. Post Filter – Activated Carbon Filter

Production Capacity:
200 gallons per day (757 Litres per day)

Electrical Safety:
Registered under EMSD Electrical Products (Safety Regulation)

Download more info:

The H₂O(UW-998) is our best-selling product, due to its high capacity, highly efficient water delivery technology and slick design. Offering digitally temperature-controlled hot (100 °c), warm and cold water at the touch of a button, this system provides a user-friendly solution for any workplace. With a capacity of up to 100 people, it is suitable for almost every office floor. It also boasts a leakage detection system, auto-sterilization capability and a power saving function. The H₂O(UW-998)comes in a choice of zinc or champagne colour.

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