Remineralizing pH Adjustment Post Filter

  • Returning the beneficial minerals calcium and magnesium to the drinking water.
  • Raising the pH by Remineralizing pH Adjustment Post Filter will reduce the corrosiveness of the water, and add both calcium and magnesium: minerals which are essential to a healthy diet.
Working Conditions
Life span 6 months
Max. Flow rate 0.5 GPM/1.9 LPM
Max. Pressure 125 psi/8.6 bar
Max. Temperature 100°F/38°C
Min. Temperature 35°F/2°C


  1. Easy solution to neutralize acid water
  2. Natural healthy source of calcium and magnesium
  3. Convenient 10” in-line cartridge
  4. Combined contents provide balanced pH adjustment
  5. Very economically priced
  6. Prevents acid water corrosion
  7. Chemical Free

Add richer flavor!


  • pH 7.0

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