Model: b-MOLA

  1. Removes dangerous pollutants
  2. Eliminates harmful substances
  3. Stop spread of viruses
  4. Eradicates bad smells


  • Adjustable air flow
  • Exhaust fan accelerates purification process and expands functional area
  • Genuine HEPA filter tested to remove 99.97% of particles > 0.3 microns from air
  • Patented NCCO technology with zeolite membrane considered the safest air sterilization and deodorization solution currently available
  • Highly efficient system
  • Compact portable

4-Stage Air Filtration Process:
Active Oxygen Generator (filters out bas smells)
Pre-filter (filters out dust)
HEPA filter (harmful bacteria and small particles)
NCCO zeolite mineral filter (captures harmful gas and bad smells)
(D) 215 x (W) 370 x (H) 500 mm
400 Square Feet

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Effectiveness (Independent CMA Lab Testing):

Airborne Element b-MOLA (MLA) removal (within 1 hour)
Airborne bacteria 96.2%
Ammonia 100%
Formaldehyde 96.5%
Respirable Suspended Particles 99.8%
TVOC 98.4%


Nano Confined Catalytic Oxidation (NCCO)
What is NCCO?
It is our innovative patented technology in air purification.

N stands for nano, which is a unit of measure, it is used for measuring extremely tiny objects like atoms and molecules. 1 nanometer is 1/100000 of the diameter of a human hair. Our catalytic material is a non-poisonous, recyclable mineral material with well-defined nano cavities.

C stands for confined. The shape-selective properties of our catalytic material allow their usage in molecular adsorption. A granule of catalytic material with 0.4 cm in diameter has around 400 feet of adsorption tunnel. The catalytic material is able to adsorb certain molecules, while excluding others. This can result in efficient removal of certain types of pollutants from the environment.

C stands for catalytic. There are transition metals impregnated within the porous structure of our catalytic material. The transition metals are very reactive and acting as catalysts to enhance the reaction rate between the gaseous contaminants and oxidants.

O stands for oxidation. Active oxygen is generated and it is able to oxidize gaseous contaminants into non-harmful products such as water molecules and carbon dioxide, which will leave the catalytic material and regenerate another site for adsorption of pollutant.

The NCCO technology is a sustainable technology, which can remove pollutants from the environment by trapping them inside the catalytic material and convert them into non-harmful product.

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