Free Water Test

Call us for a free test for water quality now! by phone on 2277 5665 or fax on 2778 3280 to book a free water test at your home, or office.

What’s in your water?

Tap Water?

Contact us today to get a free water test at your home or office and find out what is in your water. Using a total dissolved solids (TDS) meter, we are able to show you the density of dissolved material in your water. Then, through electrolysis, we can visibly demonstrate the broad spectrum of contaminants that lie within. Comparing this with our Reverse Osmosis water sample, the results will be clear to see.

Filtered Water?

Using our experience in the water filtration industry, we are always happy to provide free consultation on any existing filtration technology. Using the same testing process as above, we can examine the water your current filtration system produces and compare it to Life Solution’s water. This will give you an unbiased and informed position from which to base your decision.

Solution for you?

We can subsequently assess what system would be most suitable for your situation, and construct a solution to fulfill all of your needs.

Call us for a free test for water quality now! Tel. 2277 5665 or Fax. 2778 3280.