Model: Omi (UO-6602AW)

Under Heating Protection
All water, including warm and cold, is heated to at least 90OC before being dispensed.

Hot water safety lock
Users need to press the unlock button before withdrawing hot water.

Built-in leakage detection system
When leakage occurs, the system will shut off the water inlet to prevent further leaking.

Energy saving mode and energy efficiency
Energy saving mode can be activated at pre-set period of time, minimizing energy consumption.

LED display
OMI LED display shows the water temperature and system status.

Connectable to other appliances

(D) 550 x (W) 310 x (H) 510 mm

Water Tank Capacity:
(Cold) 1.5 Litres
(Hot) 3 Litres
(Warm) 2 Litres

Voltage / Frequency:
AC 220V, 50/60HZ

Power Consumption:
Cold Water 145W
Hot Water 1250W

(Cold) 8℃ – 10℃
(Hot) 90℃ – 100℃

4 Stage (NSF certified) filters process:
Pre-Filters – Polypropylene Filter
Activated Carbon Filter
Reverse Osmosis – TFC Membrane
Post Filter – Activated Carbon Filter

Production Capacity:
75 gallon per day (284 Litre per day)

Operating Pressure:
50 pound force per square inch (psi)