Bottled Water Under Scrutiny

I almost never buy bottled water to drink. Instead I prefer to drink filtered water from the tap. But on a recent trip to New York City I have to confess that I coughed up a ridiculous $3 a bottle for “Fiji Natural Artesian Water.” I don’t know if it was the indulgence of being on vacation, or the less-deliciously presented bathroom sink of my hotel room, but I fell into the trap of paying for water three nights in a row. Fiji Water, according to their website, is “Far from pollution. Far from acid rain. Far from industrial waste.  There’s no question about it: Fiji is far away. But when it comes to drinking water, ‘remote’ happens to be very, very good.”

Is it? Who knows.

The Fiji website has a lot of good stories about their water production, but I can’t find anything even approaching an unspun scientific accounting of chemical contaminants.


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